Everything that needs to be packed in the diaper bag before leaving the house:

You probably remember when you wanted to leave the house, you used to take a small bag, sunglasses and keys.

So let’s put this beautiful memory aside, at least for the time being. Leaving the house with a baby is a much more complex task, but we are here to make it as easy and spontaneous as possible. An excellent diaper bag will make everything much simpler for you. The changing task will be easy and simple to perform. In a well-organized diaper bag, you can find everything you need: bottle, pacifier, diapers, clothes for change, food, wipes and games. Baby crib backpack can be a perfect solution for your daily trip with your baby. We thought of everything.

The diaper bag

Just before you put all the things in the diaper bag, you should give some thought to the bag itself. So what is important in a diaper bag? Division, division, division. It is important that the bag has many internal pockets and thus we will meet the task of finding what we need in a minimum of time, instead of rummaging through a large compartment full of things we don’t need right now.

A quality diaper bag will include grip straps for carrying on the back, clips for hanging on the stroller handle and a large number of compartments of different sizes.

It is very important that the diaper bag will be made of waterproof fabric.

You should always put these things in your bag:

Baby changing clothes

The baby threw up, the diaper leaked; you entered an air-conditioned store and then went out to sunbathe in the park. It’s always good to have 2 sets of clothes to change into, between them something short and something long.


How important are the wipes… they clean the pram if something spills, clean dirty hands, act as a momentary game if the baby is impatient and they also make sure to keep the tusks clean.

Ready-made food in TO GO packaging

You can always take a portion of formula at a ration dispenser, and today you can also find individual measured and closed packages of food that can be left in your diaper bag in case you need to, if you decide to visit grandparents, if there is just something missing in the kindergarten or if you just go on a trip. The most convenient possible – a measured portion in flat packaging, there is no chance that it will spill in the bag.

A bottle with boiled water to prepare a formula meal

Actually, two is better, just to be safe. There is always the possibility that some of the water will spill and we really do not want to be outside, far from home, with a hungry baby.

Baby formula powder container

Baby Powder Container helps secure all your baby’s fruit, crackers, and formula powders in one sleek, bulk-free container. A cute bear-face cap with a convenient carrying handle makes the case extra cute and easy to find with all your other baby gear.

Baby Powder Container


One is not enough. When a pacifier falls on the sand, there is no point in trying to clean it. If you arrive prepared, you can always pull out a new, clean pacifier from your sample bag. Take some pacifiers with you just in case it does not come and make sure they are kept in a box after sterilization. In order not to lose it, you can try Smudgical’s Pacifier With Holder

Cloth diaper

It will serve you as a shade for a stroller, a towel, a nursing cover, a cleaner for emissions or a light blanket. You will quickly discover that a cloth diaper is one of the most useful products in the diaper bag. Put two in the bag, you will thank us later.

Disposable diapers

6-7 diapers will do the job for a trip of several hours outside the house. There’s always one that just as it’s closing time has its sticker ripped off. It’s always good to have extra.

Diaper paste

You should always have one in your bag, to protect your baby’s delicate skin

Changing pad

You can take a foldable or disposable reusable changing mat in the bag. In any case, the changing mat is important and you will be happy to have one at hand. The most recommended is a diaper bag that also becomes a changing pad. Exactly as a baby crib which you can also carry on your bag. A perfect baby crib backpack.

You can find such a bag that meets all needs at Smudgical.

Used diaper bags

Super simple bags are better that can hold a full diaper on the way to the trash, a garment that just got dirty or a sweater that got wet.

A rustling toy

Baby toys or anything that can entertain the little one for more than one moment, so that he doesn’t insist on turning over during the changing or getting bored just when you got to the checkout.

Peek A Boo Elephant Toy

A little snack for you

It’s the most fun to find an energy snack or dried fruit in your bag just when hunger starts to take over you.

Did we forget something?

The list is a bit long, but it’s always better to have a little extra in your bag than to be stuck without one. If you forgot something, don’t take it so hard. You can always ask other parents you meet along the way for a wipe or a diaper and also come to their aid of course.

Enjoy the trip!

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